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About my Art


Suzy French is an Australian artist who creates modern landscape artwork on both canvas and aluminium.

Suzy is passionate about the landscape that has been the backdrop to her fortunate life.   Having lived across the Kimberley for close to 30 years, her journey with this country has been the inspiration for the work she creates.


 She holds a strong belief that the natural environment has much to offer us as we go about our fast-paced life.

Hello and welcome to my home, I hope you will enjoy this unique accommodation experience in Broome.  If creativity is something that pleases you I would love for you to drop into the studio gallery.

I am behind the door on the other arm of the 'Y', it is here that the latest collection is displayed, and hopefully, I am painting. 


The Gallery section of the Boab Moon studio is open Friday to Sunday 10-2pm. However, as you are our special guest, we would like to welcome you to the gallery at a time that works for you, Look forward to meeting you at the easel.

As our special guest, any original artwork purchased during your stay will receive a 15% discount.

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